• Food cost margins report

    We play the margins game and we’re in it to win it. Maintain an improved profit margin year after year.

  • Food cost engineering

    Simply determine your most and least profitable items which will allow you to engineer more cost-effective menus.

  • Online orders integrated with inventory management

    Enhancing inventory to accommodate product availability and ROI goals.

  • Track all aspects of foods

    Regulate your items down to ingredient level.

  • Real-time tracking of inventory

    So you aware of how much of each item is available at that precise moment of time.

  • Stock is low alert

    Be immediately alerted once inventory has exceeded below a specific level.

  • Determine waste loss

    Allow your business to minimise cost

  • Enterprise stock control

    The spine of MyOrderBox is our intricate yet effortless stock control system which allows you to manage all your products.

  • Multi-site management

    Achieve a bird’s eye view of the countless moving components of your business and manage all phases of inventory for multiple locations from one place. Ideal for franchisors or venues.