Get ahead of the game with an exceptional restaurant inventory management software.

Recipe control, food pricing and reducing waste made effortlessly simple.

Cut costs and increase profitability today.

The one solution for every problem.

Unique Features

MyOrderBox uses a smart food cost model to help you create a cost-effective menu.

Our restaurant inventory management software determines what’s the best price to sell your meals at based on your recipe and its costs, so you can maximise profits.


that easy

MyOrderBox keeps you up to date with the latest changes in your inventory and alerts you if you’re low on stock for a certain item.

Check the Back Office whenever you want for a real-time inventory status that updates after every single order, so you’re always in control.

Update your menu to reflect items that are out of stock, so no customer is ever disappointed.


that easy

MyOrderBox’s restaurant inventory management software sends you automated reports that detail your costs and margins.

Stay ahead of the competition with improved profit margins year in, year out.


that easy
Additional Features

Food Cost Margins Report

We play the margins game and we’re in it to win it. Maintain an improved profit margin year after year.

Food Cost Engineering

Determine your most and least profitable items with our menu costing calculator which helps you engineer more cost-effective menus.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Keep up to date with how much of each item is available at any given moment of time.

Low Stock Alert

Be immediately alerted once inventory has exceeded below a specific level.

Online Order Integration

Make menu changes to accommodate product availability, so your customers always know what’s available!

Determine Waste Loss

Regulate your items down to ingredient level. Increase efficiency and minimise cost, so you know how much to buy next time.

Enterprise Stock Control

MyOrderBox’s intricate yet effortless stock control system allows you to manage all of your products from one place.

Multi-site Management

Achieve a bird’s eye view of the countless moving components of your business and manage all phases of inventory for multiple locations from one place. Ideal for franchisors.

FAQ ’s

Q. How do I know when I am running low on a particular stock?

You will receive an automated message directly to your email and ePOS.

Q. Why do I need inventory management?

There are a multitude of reasons why customers use our restaurant inventory management software, but in short, the software can increase profits by reducing inventory wastage and saving time you spend replenishing your stock.

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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