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The ultimate online ordering system.

Beautiful designs, quick loading software and 0% commission forever, what more could you ask for?

Get MyOrderBox, the one solution for every takeaway online ordering system.

Unique Features

MyOrderBox’s smart technology makes repeat ordering simple and easy.

Customers using the website can now order a previous order with just 3 taps.

As easy as 1,2,3!


that easy

As well as providing you a tailored website with an online ordering module, MyOrderBox ensures your hard work is rewarded with a 0% commission charge.

Say goodbye to additional charges and hello to all the extra money you will make with your new online ordering system!


that easy

Want a website that really stands out?

MyOrderBox creates tailored designs that help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Wow your customers with a personalised online ordering system catered to your business’ market.


that easy

MyOrderBox keeps your customers up to date with live driver updates.

Customers can track their delivery driver from the website and be satisfied knowing that their food isn’t far away.


that easy

MyOrderBox gives you the option of maximising your customer reach by targeting new demographics.

Creating a separate menu with alternate wording can engage a new audience and improve your profitability with the very same food.


that easy

MyOrderBox’s smart online ordering system automatically provides you with the best deals for your customers.

Customers simply enter the items or meals they want on the website and as they go along, the site will automatically create the best deal available for that specific order when they checkout.


that easy
Additional Features

0% Commission

Do you pay to accept phone orders? Of course not! So why should you pay for online orders? Maximise your profitability with MyOrderBox.

You’re in Control

Construct and manage your menu from the Back Office. Update your responsive menu in real-time.

Seamless Security

Our online payment system delivers security and compliance, saving you the hassle.

Your Design

Professional templates which can be customised to your needs. Reflect the image of your restaurant with a personalised approach.

Easy Browsing

Customers can quickly and simply browse through your menu on your online ordering system and place orders in no time.

Click & Collect

Allow customers to place orders with you when it suits them via their mobile phones, so that they don’t have to walk away from long queues anymore.

Digital Receipts

Customers receive a confirmation email with details of the items ordered.

Smart Distance Value Checks

An automated system determines the delivery cost according to the distance to the customer’s address.

Promos & Deals

Present your valuable customers with special offers and be able to set deals according to a specific date and time.

Add Pictures

Increase sales by up to 30% when you entice customers with high-quality images alongside a food item.

Real-time POS Management

Control your online ordering system directly from your POS and instantly notify customers of the latest collection and delivery times: pretty handy when you’re busy!

Customer Loyalty

Identify your finest and most loyal customers and establish a loyalty programme to reward them. Send unlimited marketing emails, newsletters and SMS messages showcasing your latest offers.


Customers can save their card details, making ordering less of a chore!

Stripe also allows you to accept payments online with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

FAQ ’s

Q. Is it really 0% commission?

Yes! MyOrderBox charges no commission, so you can maximise your profits.

Q. How many online orders will I get from your website?

Some of our clients are receiving thousands of orders per week: MyOrderBox is here to help you maximise your client outreach.

Need help marketing your new online ordering system? Contact us today!

Q. Can I keep my existing website?

Of course you can: MyOrderBox’s smart online ordering module technology will create a separate checkout page on your existing website.

However, why stick with your old design? MyOrderBox will create a new website for you that really reflects your brand and identity. Choose the smart option, get MyOrderBox!

Q. Can I have multiple virtual brand websites?

Yes! You can create as many online menus with alternate wording so you can engage new audiences and improve your profitability with the very same food.

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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