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MyOrderBox’s call centre software helps takeaways and restaurants process collection, delivery and reservation orders directly to the kitchen in no time.

Using a browser, phone orders can be processed through to your POS and then your kitchen.

The ​one solution​ for ​every problem​.

Main Features

Order Frequency

Despite advancements in technology, phone orders are still one of the most frequent forms of order.

Dedicated System

Food businesses can be busy, loud and often rushed, making it difficult to hear phone orders clearly which can lead to order mistakes.

Employee Focus

Instead of rushing to answer the phone, your employees can focus on doing what they do best.

From Anywhere

Have a dedicated environment away from the kitchen. Your call centre could be above your restaurant or on the other side of the world, it’s up to you.

Customer Experience

Improved customer service leads to a greater chance of customer satisfaction.

Customer Database

Callers can still receive the best promos and deals when they provide their personal information.

Interested in having your own call centre?

FAQ ’s

Q. Do you provide a telephone alongside the software?

Unfortunately not, MyOrderBox only supplies the call centre software.

Q. Does my call centre need to be on site?

Nope! Your call centre could be in the same building as your restaurant or in the middle of the Indian Ocean! It’s your call.

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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