All the features you will ever need.

  • World’s easiest to use POS

    Get up and running in just 5 minutes with our intuitive design.

  • Automatic updates

    Get the latest features as soon as they are released.

  • Hands free Installation

    We can migrate all your data from your existing system and import your menu and customer data.

  • Security

    Pin based logins for each staff allowing control over restricted functions and individual transactions.

  • Works offline

    MyOrderBox synchronises and updates itself on the server to ensure that no information is ever lost whenever the internet drops.

  • Clock In | Out

    Automatically calculate staff pay to the minute.

  • Order status

    See an overview of the status of all your orders in real-time, be it in the kitchen, on the way or delivered.

  • SMS | Email

    Send a message from your terminal.

  • Table ordering

    Speed up table orders effortlessly without mistakes.

  • Flying clerks

    Users can take and view orders on different terminals.

  • Courses

    Divide orders into separate courses (starters, mains, desserts) so the kitchen knows in what order they have to prepare the food.

  • Table timers

    Allow staff to visually recognise the state and progress of the tables.

  • Table status

    During busy moments, quickly see an overview of the status of all tables by checking whether they are reserved, held or available.

  • Split bill

    Split a bill evenly or manually. MyOrderBox allows you to provide your customers flexible payment options when they dine out as a group.

  • Visual table layout

    Reproduce your restaurant floor plan on your POS.

  • Regulate Collection & Delivery times in real-time

    Control your website directly from your POS and instantaneously notify online customers the latest collection and delivery times, especially when your restaurant is super busy.

  • New order alert

    Be notified immediately when an order has been placed online.

  • Powerful CRM system

    Customer Relationship Management to keep you organised as your business grows. Never lose a contact again.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Know how many orders your customers have placed with our LIfetime Orders feature and promote offers accordingly based on loyalty.

  • Block | Flag customers

    Be able to block customers or flag them with specific notes, if issues arise with them.

  • Order History

    Know when customers place orders with you and how frequent they place them, whilst using our Repeat Customer Orders feature enabling rapid orders.

  • Customer map

    Automatically receive the best route and ETA from your restaurant to every customer when delivering.

  • Customer notes

    Add specific instructions or any other information for any individual customer.

  • Email & SMS customers

    Automatically send updates to customers with regards to their orders, so they always know where their food is, no matter what time of day.

  • Add new customers seamlessly on your ePOS

    Save customer information during checkout and swiftly build your customer database.

MyOrderBox is integrated with numerous payment services so you can opt for the one that satisfies you and your business.

  • Integrated card payments

    Cards or Apple Pay. Counter or at the table. We’ve got you covered.

  • Trusted and secure payments

    MyOrderBox integrates with a range of swift and reliable payment systems, allowing the entire transaction procedure to be smooth. – Contactless – Apple Pay – Magstripe – EMV Smartcard

  • Dependable hardware

    We appreciate every business is unique and with numerous payment solutions we can help you choose the ideal payment terminal for you.

  • Ingenico

    Boost sales and have speedy transactions with Ingenico’s true cross-channel and secure payment solution. The Ingenico terminal has a professional and user-friendly design to ensure quick payments. Entirely functional with Apple Pay and contactless.

  • Payment Partners

    Choose what is best for you. – Visa – MasterCard – Maestro – American Express – WorldPay – PaymentSense – Payment Express – Ingenico – Stripe – Chip & Pin Solutions

Beautiful software meets beautiful hardware.

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