TakeawayePOS System

The best restaurant and takeaway ePOS system available.

Choose the smart option today and take control of your business!

The ​one solution​ for ​every problem​!

Unique Features

Imagine your orders from delivery platforms like Just Eat,
Uber Eats & Deliveroo, as well as orders from your own online
ordering websites and mobile app, all coming into
one intelligent terminal, dispatching to the kitchen at precisely
the right time.


that easy

No matter how big the order is, MyOrderBox’s smart ePOS system automatically provides you with the best deals for your customers.

Simply enter the items or meals chosen by the customer onto the ePOS and you’ll see the best deal available for that specific order!


that easy

MyOrderBox automated takeaway ePOS system keeps your customers in the loop.

Collection or delivery, customers automatically receive updates regarding their order in real-time.


that easy

With MyOrderBox’s takeaway ePOS system, you can send orders through to the kitchen display system at the right moment, so you don’t have hundreds of orders all at once.

Don’t overload your kitchen, choose the smart option today.


that easy

Not happy with your table layout? Or maybe just need to make it COVID-19 secure?

MyOrderBox allows you to change your table layout, check each table’s status and see which tables are currently available, being used or are reserved!


that easy
Additional Features

One, Unique ePOS Solution

MyOrderBox’s software is integrated with online ordering and driver management, allowing you to control your website directly from your takeaway ePOS system and instantly notify online customers of the latest collection and delivery times. Pretty handy on Friday night!

Punctual Delivery

Struggling to manage orders from multiple channels? Late delivery orders and irate customers? Identify where the inefficiencies are and deliver on time ​every time.

Smart Label Printing

MyOrderBox automatically creates address labels for packages with all relevant order details, so customers know which bag has which food or which pizza box has which pizza. It’s the little things that count.

Real-Time Insights

Discover and analyse trends so you can make immediate changes to the performance of your business.

Optimised Kitchen

Whether you use kitchen display systems or just kitchen printers, make sure receipts print when needed and don’t overload the kitchen.

Automate The Flow

Getting reliable staff is difficult, right? Having to work yourself? Let our smart technology do the hard work.

Delight Customers

Our takeaway ePOS system now automatically alerts your customers if there is any promotion running that can save them money, depending on what they have ordered and when.

Easy To Use

A simple to use system that is clear, simple and designed to increase your functionality.

Table Service

Visualise your table layout, check each table’s status and see which tables are available, used or reserved!

Menu Management

Make real-time changes to your menu quickly and easily.

Order History

Our takeaway ePOS system helps you serve customers faster than ever as previous orders can simply be ordered again if they are a repeat customer. Ordering made simple, easy and efficient.

Integrated Payments

Receive payments safely and securely with Stripe and Paymentsense.

FAQ ’s

Q. What does MyOrderBox do, that my current POS software can't?

MyOrderBoxautomateseveryaspectofyourbusiness.Fromyourkitchentoyour delivery management, MyOrderBox maximises your efficiency and profitability

Q. Do all of my orders go straight to my ePOS?

Yes! Every online order from any platform goes straight to your ePOS!

Q. Who has control over the data?

You do! It’s your restaurant, your customers and most importantly your data that you can access anytime anywhere.

Q. How easy is it to migrate from my current software?

It depends on your current software, but we can figure that out together! Call us today on 03333 442 676

Q. Why am I paying a monthly fee?

Unlike other providers, MyOrderBox is continuously updating our software to improve your profitability. By doing so, we challenge ourselves to provide the very best system every day, not just on the first day.

Q. How long till I can be up and running?

Get up and running in minutes!

Q. Do I have to get new hardware?

No. As long as your existing hardware is compliant with MyOrderBox’s takeaway ePOS system, you won’t need to, but why wouldn’t you want to? MyOrderBox offers the best hardware at the best price, head to our shop for the latest deals!

Q. Can I run MyOrderBox ePOS software on iPads?

Why run your system on an iPad in an extremely busy takeaway? In reality, iPads aren’t built for such environments, instead MyOrderBox supplies hardware that’s purpose built for your business. Don’t compromise your business for looks, get the best hardware for the best price with MyOrderBox!

Q. How does Caller ID work?

No matter what phone system you have, you can connect to VOIP (voice over IP) or Analogue. So you’ll know who your customer is before even picking up the call and can repeat their order within seconds.

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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