Our Kitchen Display System reduces wait times for the customer and creates a more efficient work flow in the kitchen.

  • Automate your Kitchen

    Allow kitchen orders to to be displayed automatically on a screen or tablet in the kitchen.

  • Easy to view

    See an overview of everything on one screen that is easy on the eye.

  • Fire at Speed

    Tickets appear instantly when sent from the ePOS.

  • Go green & save money

    Say goodbye to kitchen printers and those chunky paper rolls.

  • Order Grouping

    Automatically and Intelligently sort orders including grouping delivery orders that should be delivered by a driver.

  • Track preparation times

    Identify the bottlenecks in your Kitchen.

  • See your orders from online food delivery services

    See your UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat orders and any other providers in one place.

  • Meal coursing

    Automate a group of items; order type, table service, drinks, desserts, etc, all at once to the appropriate kitchen station such as the grill, pantry, fryer. This ensures each item is delivered when it should be, with every item freshly prepared.

  • Route orders

    Specify which products are sent to each KDS. Define which stations and kitchen printers receive orders based in item type or category settings.

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