KitchenDisplay System

Maximise your restaurant’s performance with your new kitchen display system.

Reduced waiting times, greater efficiency and happier customers

The one solution for every problem.

Unique Features

MyOrderBox tracks preparation times of every meal and sends differing parts of the order to item-specific stations.

Once the order is in the kitchen, each station is told when to start preparing by the kitchen display system, ensuring your customer’s whole order is piping hot and fresh.

Seamless kitchen management.


that easy

Stay on track and feel in control with MyOrderBox’s smart traffic light system.

MyOrderBox’s traffic light system has a timer countdown, so your chefs know how long each order has to be on schedule. From green to amber to red, you’ll always be on time and your customers will always be delighted!


that easy

MyOrderBox’s automated system sorts delivery orders so they’re all prepared at the same time for the delivery driver to collect.

You save time and money, while your customers get piping hot food: a no brainer!


that easy

MyOrderBox smart auto-print feature sends online orders straight from your ePOS onto your kitchen display system or kitchen printer.

Get your orders in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible!


that easy
Additional Features

Automate Your Kitchen

Allow kitchen orders to be displayed automatically on a screen or tablet in the kitchen as opposed to a printed receipt. Organise your kitchen today with multiple screens for specific product stations.

Easy to View

See an overview of every order on one screen, so you never miss an order.

Instant Orders

Dive straight into the order as they appear immediately on the kitchen display system when sent from the POS system

Go Green

Save money and say goodbye to bulky kitchen printers and chunky paper rolls with our efficient kitchen display system hardware.

Order Grouping

Automatically and intelligently sort orders into groups that can be delivered by the same driver. You save time and money, while your customers get piping hot food: a no brainer!

Track Preparation Times

Understanding meal preparation times enhances the efficiency of your kitchen, keeping you in control when you’re busy.

Every Delivery Order, One Place

See your UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat orders all in one place.

Order Management

If you have different stations and multiple kitchen display systems in your kitchen, specify which orders are sent to which kitchen display system based on the item type or category settings.

Meal Coursing

Automate an order, so that each item is sent to a specific kitchen display system at the appropriate station at a certain time so each component of the order is freshly prepared and ready at the same time

FAQ ’s

Q. How do I send orders from the ePOS to the Kitchen Display System?

It’s easy! You simply press the ‘ready to prepare’ option on your ePOS

Q. How many displays can I get?

You can purchase as many as you feel you need!

Q. Why is a Kitchen Display System better than the old kitchen printers?

Instead of having receipts for each order, every order will be on a screen with greater organisation. You can save money and go green!

Q. Can I use my existing kitchen displays with MyOrderBox’s software?

Yes! If you already have your own kitchen display systems/terminals, you don’t need to purchase the hardware from MyOrderBox. The hardware must be running on at least Windows 10!

Q. How much does the Kitchen Display System software cost?

Please see our pricing page for the latest prices!

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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