The journey so far:

  • 2011

    My Order Box was founded by two friends

    Atif, who helped his family owned Franchise, grow to 100 stores (and successfully sold to a $1B American Chain) and Rizwan, a Tech Entrepreneur with 11 years experience building and delivering Web Applications. With Atif’s unique knowledge of the Restaurant and Takeaway (Hospitality) market and Rizwan’s development team they set about building the world’s first fully Automated POS solution, integrating a Powerful POS with fully integrated Online Ordering, Inventory, Stock and Delivery Management.

  • 2012

    My Order Box launched as My Food Fast for (Online Ordering) and My Order Box (POS)

    The aspiration wasn’t to be like Just-Eat but creating the first building block towards a Complete POS solution. We had to start somewhere!

  • 2013

    Our first customer started using our platform

    We brought on our first customer who could manage their online orders and instore orders from a single desktop solution. We would’ve gone to the Cloud then if that was option that it is today!

  • 2014

    We refactored the App as a Chrome App

    We wanted to explore the possibilities that Cloud computing offered and refactored My Order Box as a Chrome App, but this had huge limitations – the biggest one that it lacked the ability to integrate with!

  • 2015 & 2016

    We refactored the My Order Box App once more. Enhancing the UX, shortening sequences – making it even faster, Cloud ready and easily integratable

    We achieved quite a lot of world first’s in these two years, chiefly, order tracking from multiple order sources (like Amazon Restaurants, Deliveroo, Hungry House, Just-eat, Ubereats), Holding & Reserving tables for dine in orders, Ordering by Courses and much, much more. Our flourishing App store includes Ingenico (Integrated Payments), LivePepper (Online Ordering), Mailchimp (Customer Marketing), Orderlord (Driver Tracking), Payment Express (Payment Gateway), PaymentSense (Payment Gateway), Stripe (Payment Solution), TextLocal (Customer Marketing)

  • 2017

    We became Chain, Franchise and Enterprise ready

    We made My Order Box ready for Call Centre functionality i.e. Web or phone orders can be automatically routed to the most relevant store. We perfected Inventory Management & Control, Stock Control, Waste Management, Food Cost Management, Recipe Control and made enhancements to reporting so you can drill down and interrogate data like never before.

  • 2018

    We aim to be the first Completely Automated (AI) POS solution in the world

    We already have many elements of AI working in our product today, as an example our deals and promos module which automatically select the best deal possible for the customer independent of choices that are made! With the click of a few buttons you can launch your own fully responsive Online Ordering website, from the Back Office (which normally take weeks, if not month’s to complete and costs £1000’s)!