• Caller ID

    Take your phone orders quickly with Caller ID.

  • Postcode Lookup

    Allow your restaurant to deliver improved customer service, minimise overheads and increase effectiveness with valid address details.

  • Menu management

    Set your own delivery prices and update all your terminals in one go.

  • Multiple Addresses

    Choose from the types of address; Home, Work or Other, when a customer has more than one address.

  • Label Printing

    Automatically create address labels for packages with all relevant order details, so that customers know which bag their specific food is or which pizza box has which pizza.

The easiest way to direct dynamic delivery with delighted customers.

  • Driver management

    Managing numerous deliveries is streamlined to help you smoothly regulate the delivery aspect of your business.

  • Interactive customer map

    Showing the fastest route to the customer.

  • Every order in one place

    See all orders from each source in one go with times, customer information and locations.

  • Order status updates

    Track the entire process from the moment the order has been placed to the moment your customer receives their order.

  • Delivery zones

    Stay satisfied and ensure that customers are being charged undeviating delivery fees based on their distance from your restaurant or their street.

  • Optimise driver routes

    Guarantee every order reaches your customer on time with delivery time estimations, so you establish the most effective delivery route all the time.

  • App for the Delivery Guy

    Drivers receive details about every order in their delivery instantaneously.

  • Track Your Drivers

    Always know where your drivers are and ensure your customers get their food on time, every time.

  • Driver Performance

    Recognise and motivate your best drivers by monitoring delivery times and track on-time arrivals for their shift.

  • Driver Payments

    Take multiple payments from drivers at the end of the day or after every order when they get back which will be automatically processed on a dedicated Driver Screen.

  • Call Centre

    Allow restaurant chains to process Collection, Delivery and Reservation orders directly to the kitchen from a centralised location in due time.

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