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Analyse sales, market to customers and manage whatever, whenever.

Make real-time decisions with our smart reports.

The one solution for every problem.

Unique Features

MyOrderBox analyses all of your data and makes managing your business easier than ever.

Understand when you’re netting the most income each week, right down to the minute.

Check which online sales channel is producing the most revenue.

Or perhaps you want to know what your best sellers are?

With MyOrderBox, you can do it all, because with us, your opportunities to grow are limitless.


that easy

MyOrderBox provides day by day estimations of the number of sales that you should be hitting on any given day.

See your targets at the beginning of each day, so you know if you’re performing to the highest level you can.


that easy

MyOrderBox creates performance reports that are automatically sent straight to your email.

The smart scheduler lets you decide when you receive the report, so you can focus on your business when you want to.


that easy

MyOrderBox allows you to segment your customer database so you can grow your business in every way possible.

Understand where your customers are coming from, what their favourite foods are and which offers are the best to advertise.

MyOrderBox even tells you which day certain customers come in, so you can market to the right people on a specific day.


that easy

MyOrderBox lets you access data across every store in one place.

Make menu changes from your device and see them replicate across all your platforms, so you can manage every aspect of your business from anywhere.


that easy
Additional Features

Cloud Based Reporting

You’re always busy, we know that. So we’ve made it easier for you to access everything from anywhere with our cloud based technology.

Extensive Sales Reports

Analyse sales reports right down to individual orders, hours or staff. With MyOrderBox, you can see if you’re having a slow day, make instant changes to promote your product & boost your sales in real-time!

Channel Sales Reports

See which online sales channel is producing more revenue.

Customer Sales Reports

Identify your finest online customers by total spend or revenue generated and reward them for their loyalty, so they keep coming back!

Comprehensive Menu Reports

Discover which items are your best sellers, so you can make smart changes to your menu.

Every Transaction

Simplify and analyse specific transactions or filter them right down to the hour, so you can see when you’re most profitable.

Staff Performance

Monitor sales progress and the hours that your staff have worked.

Menu Management

Make menu changes with a few clicks, automatically updating every channel immediately. Set your own delivery prices and update all your terminals in one go.

Dynamic Email Campaigns

My Order Box synchronises your email list to MailChimp for effortless email marketing. Entice your customers with offers like ‘Buy One, Get One Free’, whenever you want.

Customer Hotspots

See all of your customers pinned on a map.

Customer Priority

Easily keep track of your finest customers and their favourite foods with your very own customer database.

Customer Marketing

Ensure your customers keep coming back via the special offers or forthcoming events you can advertise.

Multi-site Management

A bird’s eye view of the countless moving components of your business, so you can manage all phases of inventory, revenue and sales in multiple locations from one place. Ideal for franchisors or venues.

Multi-store Reporting

Use filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations, at any time. Recognise and address areas of concern and look for opportunities for growth.

FAQ ’s

Q. How do I get my automated reports?

If you go to settings in your back office, you can decide when to receive your smart reports. Depending on how regularly you want them, it can be every morning, every week etc.

Q. Where can I log in to make changes?

You can log in from any browser on any device!

Q. Are menu changes instant?

Yes! You can make menu changes from your back office that will update EVERY site in real-time.

Need hardware?

MyOrderBox supplies the best purpose-built systems that are compliant with our smart solutions.

Get the ​best ​hardware for the ​best ​price.

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