• Cloud based reporting

    You’re always busy, we know that. So we’ve made it easier for you to access everything from anywhere.

  • Extensive sales reports

    Drill down sales reports right down to individual orders, hours or staff.

  • Channel sales report

    See which online sales channel is producing more revenue.

  • Customer sales report

    See your finest online customers by generated revenue or profit.

  • Comprehensive menu reports

    Find out the best selling items.

  • Look at every little transaction

    Simplify and analyse specific transactions or filter them right down to the hour.

  • Manage staff performance

    Follow staff sales progress and the hours they have worked.

  • Intelligent reporting

    Access accurate reports to comprehend customer behaviour and find out what’s selling best and what’s not.

  • Menu

    Make menu changes with a few clicks and automatically update every channel.

Marketing to your customers made easy.

  • Customer marketing & loyalty

    Direct customers into regulars and increasing your profits.

  • Bulk SMS

    Entice all your customers with offers like ‘Buy One, Get One Free’, whenever you want.

  • Embark upon dynamic email campaigns

    MyOrderBox synchronises your email list to MailChimp, for effortless email marketing.

  • Customer map

    See all your customers pinned on a map.

Bring your customers closer.

  • Give your regulars what they want

    Easily keep track of your finest customers and their favourite foods with your very own customer database.

  • Keep in touch with your customers

    Make sure your customers come back for more via the special offers or forthcoming events you wish to advertise.

  • Multi-site management

    Achieve a bird’s eye view of the countless moving components of your business and manage all phases of inventory, revenue and sales for multiple locations from one place. Ideal for franchisors or venues.

  • Multi-store reporting

    Use filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations, at any time. Recognise and address areas of concern and look for opportunities for growth.