The Best POS System for Pizza Delivery.

Integrated Solutions Built to Automate Your Pizza Delivery.

Unique Features

Complete, affordable and powerful ePOS software that automatically manages all your orders from any source!


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Additional Features

Every Order, One Place

Orders from delivery platforms like Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and orders from your own online ordering system, all come into one intelligent terminal, and are dispatched to the kitchen at precisely the right time.


Smart Promos

No matter how big the order is, MyOrderBox’s technology automatically provides you with the best deals for your customers. Simply enter the items or meals chosen by the customer onto the ePOS and you’ll see the best deal available for that specific order!

Half ‘n’ Half Pizza

Handling pizza orders with different toppings, modifiers and more has never been easier than with our unique ‘Spilt Products’ feature, allowing your customers to modify their pizza toppings into halves.

Sales Reports

MyOrderBox’s Back Office gives you in-depth insights about your pizzeria wherever and whenever you are. Track sales by product, category, staff member and much more.

Default & Substitution Options

Items which are part of a product by default will be preselected, with the option of removing an item or topping available. The removed item can be replaced with another topping or
item, without having an influence on price.

Order Status

See a real-time overview of every order’s status, whether it be in the kitchen, on the way or already delivered!

Smart Communication

MyOrderBox’s automated ePOS system keeps your customers in the loop. Collection or delivery, customers automatically receive updates regarding their order in real-time.

Smart Label Printing

Automatically create address labels for pizza boxes with all the relevant order details, so that customers immediately know which pizza is which! It’s the little things that count.

Customer Loyalty

Get to know your customers. Track their purchases, send promotions and keep them coming back for more with in-built Nobly Loyalty.

Enterprise Reporting

Our enterprise level reporting is perfect for multiple or single pizzerias. Use filters to understand what’s happening across all store locations, at any time. Recognise and address areas of concern and look for opportunities for growth.

Custom Menu Design

Easily adjust your pizza menu and sync them from any location at any time. Promote your most popular items to your customers with MyOrderBox.

A custom online ordering solution your customers and staff will love. MyOrderBox saves you the hassle by sending collection and delivery orders straight to your kitchen from aggregators and your MyOrderBox website!


that easy
Additional Features

Free Website!

Online ordering for pizzerias just became free and easy. Be up and running in minutes!

0% Commission

Do you pay to accept phone orders? Of course not! So why should you pay for online orders? Maximise your profitability with MyOrderBox.

Track Your Order

MyOrderBox keeps your customers up to date with live driver updates. Customers can track their delivery driver from the website and be satisfied knowing that their food isn’t far away.

Half Pizza Specifications

Process pizza orders with different toppings, modifiers and more with ease.

Promos & Deals

Present your most valued customers with special pizza offers and choose when to create deals according to a specific date and time.

Add Pictures

Increase sales by up to 30% when you entice customers with high-quality images alongside the pizza details.

Tag Your Products

Emphasise specific pizzas by organising them with the use of tags: suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free, contains alcohol, etc.

MyOrderBox’s unique software helps pizzerias manage deliveries, track drivers and increase customer satisfaction.


that easy
Additional Features

Delivery Dashboard

MyOrderBox lets you monitor every aspect of your delivery management system in real time. From order status to real-time driver tracking to customer updates. MyOrderBox has you covered.

Optimise Driver Routes

Guarantee every order reaches your customer on time with delivery time estimations, so you can establish the most effective delivery route all the time and your customers get their food piping hot every time.

Interactive Customer Map

Shows the fastest driver route to the customer. Transparency. One of the many reasons that MyOrderBox is the best pos system for pizza delivery!

Manage Online Delivery Orders

Control your UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat orders all from ONE place. Phew

Your Delivery Prices

Establish your own pricing for deliveries depending on 3rd party delivery and online ordering services.

Optimal Driver Routes

Automatically receive the best route and ETA from your pizzeria to every customer when delivering.

Email & SMS Customers

Automatically send updates to customers regarding their orders, so they always know where their food is.

Smart Driver App

Drivers receive details about every order in their delivery instantaneously on a map, saving you the hassle of providing details for every order.

Driver Performance

Recognise and motivate your best drivers by monitoring delivery times and track on-time arrivals for their shift, so you get the best out of your employees.

Driver Payments

Take multiple payments from drivers at the end of the day or after every order as it is automatically processed on a dedicated driver screen.

Enhance the efficiency of your kitchen by maximising server performance and automating your kitchen with our integrated KDS screens.


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Additional Features

Automate Your Kitchen

Allow kitchen orders to be displayed automatically on a screen or tablet in the kitchen as opposed to a printed receipt. Pizzerias can run multiple screens and have specific products appearing on each one to beat the rush!

Smart Order Grouping

MyOrderBox’s automated system sorts delivery orders so they’re all prepared at the same time for the delivery driver to collect.

Meal Coursing

Automate a group of items; order type, table service, drinks, desserts, etc, all at once to the appropriate kitchen station such as the make station or oven. This ensures each item is delivered when it should be, with every item freshly prepared.

Every Online Order in One Place

See your UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat orders and any other providers from one place.

Manage your stocks and automate your menu in seconds.


that easy
Additional Features

Smart Menu Management

Improve decision making with MyOrderBox, so every time you modify a pizza topping or ingredient, your corresponding menu item will automatically update for your profitability.

Smart Food Costing

Simply determine your most and least profitable pizzas which will allow you to engineer more cost-effective menus.

Smart Stock Alerts

MyOrderBox keeps you up to date with the latest changes in your inventory and alerts you if you’re low on stock for a certain item.

Smart Margins Reports

MyOrderBox sends you automated reports that detail your pizzeria’s costs and margins. Stay ahead of the competition by improving your profit margins year in, year out.