All the features you will ever need.

  • ePOS

    Complete, affordable and powerful Pizza ePOS software made to grow your restaurant.

  • Online Ordering

    Get a custom online ordering solution your customers and staff will love. Easily place collection and delivery orders that send right to your kitchen.

  • Delivery Management

    A truly unique Delivery Management Software. My Order Box is simple software for pizzerias to manage delivery, track drivers and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Kitchen Display Systems

    Maximise Server Performance and automate your kitchen with our integrated KDS Screens.

  • Pizza Inventory Management

    Simple yet exceptional inventory management.

  • Half ‘n’ Half Pizza

    Easily handle pizza orders with different toppings, modifiers and more with our unique Spilt Products feature, allowing your customers to modify their pizza toppings into halves.

  • Default & Substitution options

    Items which are part of a product by default will be preselected, with the option of removing an item or topping if not required. This removed item can be replaced with another topping or item, without having an influence on price.

  • Quantity selector

    Control quantities for particular items, so that customers are aware the maximum they can choose.

  • Label Printing

    Automatically create address labels for pizza boxes with all relevant order details, so that customers know which pizza box has a particular pizza.

  • Recipe Control

    Easily calculate the cost of each pizza according to size and toppings with MyOrderBox, and fine-tune your menu automatically for your profitability.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Know how many orders your customers have placed with our Lifetime Orders feature and promote offers accordingly based on loyalty. MyOrderBox will increase your amount of repeat customers and your overall bottom line.

  • Pizza Enterprise Reporting

    Easily calculate the cost of each pizza according to size and toppings with MyOrderBox, and fine-tune your menu automatically for your profitability.

  • Custom Menu Design

    Easily adjust your pizza menu and sync them from any location at any time. You can forever be certain you are promoting your most popular items to your customers with MyOrderBox.

  • Order status

    See an overview of the status of all your orders in real-time, be it in the kitchen, on the way or delivered.

With MyOrderBox, easily manage and streamline numerous deliveries to help you smoothly regulate the delivery aspect of your business from one central location.

  • Track Your Drivers

    Always know where your drivers are and ensure your customers get their food on time, every time.

  • Optimise driver routes

    Guarantee every order reaches your customer on time with delivery time estimations, so you establish the most effective delivery route all the time.

  • Manage orders from online food delivery services

    Control your UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat orders from one place and many more.

  • Set your own delivery prices

    Establish your own pricing for deliveries depending on 3rd party delivery and online ordering services.

  • Customer map

    Automatically receive the best route and ETA from your restaurant to every customer when delivering.

  • Customer notes

    Add specific instructions or any other information for any individual customer.

  • Email & SMS customers

    Automatically send updates to customers with regards to their orders, so they always know where their food is, no matter what time of day.

  • Postcode Lookup

    Allow your restaurant to deliver improved customer service, minimise overheads and increase effectiveness with valid address details.

  • Delivery zones

    Stay satisfied and ensure that customers are being charged undeviating delivery fees based on their distance from your restaurant or their street.

  • App for the Delivery Guy

    Drivers receive details about every order in their delivery instantaneously.

  • Driver Performance

    Recognise and motivate your best drivers by monitoring delivery times and track on-time arrivals for their shift.

  • Driver Payments

    Take multiple payments from drivers at the end of the day or after every order when they get back which will be automatically processed on a dedicated Driver Screen.

  • Caller ID

    Take your phone orders quickly with Caller ID.

  • Multiple Addresses

    Choose from the types of address; Home, Work or Other, when a customer has more than one address.

  • Interactive customer map

    Showing the fastest route to the customer.

  • Track Your Order

    Allow your customers to track their order. So they don’t have to bother you by asking ‘Where’s that delivery guy?’

  • Half pizza specifications

    Easily process pizza orders with different toppings, modifiers and more.

  • Promos & Deals

    Present your valuable customers with special pizza offers and be able to set deals according to a specific date and time.

  • Add Pictures

    Increase sales by 30% when you entice diners with high-quality images alongside a pizza.

  • Tag your products

    Emphasise specific pizzas by organising them with the use of tags: suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free, contains alcohol, etc.

  • Automatic Order Grouping

    Automatically and Intelligently sort orders including grouping delivery orders that should be delivered by a driver.

  • Meal coursing

    Automate a group of items; order type, table service, drinks, desserts, etc, all at once to the appropriate kitchen station such as the make station or oven.. This ensures each item is delivered when it should be, with every item freshly prepared.

  • See your orders from online food delivery services

    See your UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat orders and any other providers from one place.

  • Manage Inventory

    Make better decisions for your pizza restaurant with MyOrderBox. Every time you modify a pizza topping or ingredient, your corresponding menu item will automatically update for your profitability.

  • Food cost engineering

    Simply determine your most and least profitable pizzas which will allow you to engineer more cost-effective menus.

  • Track all aspects of Pizzas

    Regulate your pizzas down to ingredient level.

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